Wednesday, 15 October 2008

About My stuff toy

I have this stuff toy called Sateen. My mummy bought It for me as a welcome to the world present. When I was growing up, her music was gone. She has sateen ears and has a bow which is around her neck. I had her since when I was born. She also has a pink nose. Sometimes I play with her after homeschool. My two sisters have stuff toys too. My oldest sister's one is called Taffi. My yougest sister's stuff toy is called Monkoe. Taffi is a bear, she has a bow on her ear and she is wearing a dress, My youngest sister's stuff toy is not wearing anything on its body. My Sateen is also not wearing anything too. My oldest sister and I have mamegomas too, I have two small ones and my sister has one big mamegoma. One of mine is called Nosis, she is brown in colour, my other one is called Mazy, she is just white in colour. My sister's is pink in colour. Hers is big and mine is small. My youngest sister has a turtle. It is called Toto. It has a family too. I have the least stuff toys than my sisters.