Saturday, 25 August 2012


  I started liking anime last year.  I was about to become a P6.  I did not know anime that well as I knew only one anime, Naruto.  But then, my whole life changed when I became a P6.  In my class, there were a small group of girls who loved anime.  They were Iris, Juno and Kathleen.  We started talking and we felt like we knew each other for years! I started to go recess with them.  At the table, I made some new friends who were interested in anime and manga.  But I realized that someone was left out. I had not been spending anytime with my best friend.  I had been hanging out with my anime friends more than her.  I feel very guilty!

    For art class, we were suppose to learn how to draw manga.  I felt so happy when I heard the good news!  When the news was announced, everyone started looking at me.  I knew why they were looking at me as I was known as a manga artist in the class.  The starting of the art class, lots of girls asked me for my help.  Some would ask me to draw the eyes, the body or the hair.  The instructor saw my drawings and saw that I was great at drawing!  So, she told me that I should not help them because they are suppose to draw on their own.  When I am at home, I would draw beautiful manga drawings and post it on Facebook and Instagram to receive some feedback.  I got some likes and comments from my friends and family.  There was one boy whom I knew for a long time who told me I was great at drawing! I felt like I was in heaven! I also show my drawings to my anime friends and they gasped and told me I was great at drawing manga!  I felt so happy! 

Lag Seeing, Niche and Steak

Niche Dingo
  But, anime and manga made me not focus in my studies.  I decided that I should draw and watch anime only at night, after I finished my work.  When I graduate from school, I can focus more on drawing!  I will become a manga artist when I grow up!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

My nightmare

I'm running. I'm running away from a monster.

I always have all these kinds of nightmares that I am running away from something. Mummy says that I might be running away from my exams. Mummy is right! I am very scared about the SA2 examinations. Daddy promised me he will give me his iphone3 if I get a spot at the award ceremony. I really want an iphone3! But I'm just not trying! When I have the time to do revision or do my assesment books I don't do it. Phoebe even reminds me to revise but I don't listen to her.

I really must concentrate on revising my work and practice my maths as I am not good at it. I want an iphone3!

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Hot Onsen

I felt sleepy. I was in Hokkaido Japan in winter, sitting in a pool at an onsen. The water was very hot and it made you feel sleepy.

When you are in the onsen, you have to be naked. You have to rinse yourself before you get into the pool. There are lots of pools. There is one pool which is good for your skin, another one is a fountain pool and one pool that is ginormous. You are not allowed to run, splash or dive. You can't stay in the pools too long or else you will faint.

When you are done, you go to a section where you sit on a stool to bath. You just sit on a stool then you just soap yourself. When you are done, rinse the stool. I would want an onsen in my bathroom at home.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Fun at Disneysea

Dead flowers, an old black cloak, a purse and a handkerchief spread over a dusty sofa, a broken lift, paintings of Harrison Hightower stealing precious things from around the world such as an Easter Island stone head and sarcophagus from Egypt. I was in the lobby of the creepy Hightower Hotel at Tokyo Disneysea. This ride is the scariest and most popular ride in Disneysea.
Harrison Hightower was an explorer who went around the world stealing artefacts. When he went to Africa, a tribal chief gave him a cursed Idol that was responsible for his disappearance at his hotel. Ever since his disappearance, the hotel has been abandoned for years. And now they are giving tours of the hotel.

We stepped into a lift with seats. As the ride started, they told the story of Harrison Hightower's disappearance. The ride went up and down, up and down until I was going to get sick. When I stepped out of the lift, I shouted out loud, " That was the best ride I've been on!"

Saturday, 2 January 2010

The Best Trip Ever

What is like a giant swing, that can hold a lot of people and makes you scream? IT'S THE CLAW! That was my most favourite ride at Dreamworld! The people strap themselves into the seats around a long.. bar. When it starts, the bar swings like a pendulum and goes up higher and higher and the screams get louder and louder! I went on it six times because I love it so much!
Besides Dreamworld, we also visited Movie World and Sea World. My favourite ride in Movie World was the Road Runner Roller Coaster because it goes very fast! It wasn't a scary ride, it was a fun ride! We went on it over and over again. The most scariest ride at Movie World was the ScoobyDoo ride. I don't like the part when the cart twist and turn; it felt like we were falling off the track. Another scary ride in Movie World was Wild West Falls! You sit in a log, and go on a ride along a river and you end up falling over a waterfall. It was like your butt was not touching the seat anymore when you are falling in the waterfall.

Another theme park was Sea World. My two most favourite rides at Sea World are Jet Rescue and Sea Viper! Jet Rescue is a ride where you sit on a jet ski and zoom around a pond. Sea Viper is a roller coaster which has a lot of loops. At Sea World we touched stingrays, sea cumber and star fishes. I took a long time to touch the stingrays and the sea cucumbers because I was a scaredy cat.
When we were leaving Gold Coast Australia for home, I was so sad because I will miss all the rides especially the Claw. I wish to go to Gold Coast again.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

About Restaurant city

One day, all the aunties were at my home and were around the computer, they asked me if i had a restaurant city acount, but i said no. Ever since mummy had a restaurant city acount, I was begging her for one and she said yes. I dashed to the computer, went in to my facebook and searched for the game restaurant city. But, when I was about to go play the game, they didn't allow me. I was very upset that I told mummy. Mummy said, "I think It's because It is at the beta stage." Months past and I tried again and again but they still didn't let me in the game.

Then one day, my aunties arrived and saw me on facebook and said," Why don't you try again?" I tried again and suddenly, something happen, I toatally had a restaurant city acount. Then I tried going on pet society and It also worked! I was so happy that when Big Sister came home from tkd training, I told her that I had a restaurant city and pet society acount. Big Sister was so shocked that she immediately went to her facebook acount and the same thing happened!

I played and played for such long hours, that I always forget to learn my dictation and get punished that I can't play for the weekends. So I tried to not play for so long. It is like restaurant city is hypnotizing me to play for long hours.

Friday, 4 September 2009

The Sylvanian Family Play Set

On September 3, 2009, my sisters, mummy and I were at Vivo city. After Big Sister bought Carissa a birthday present, we went to Toys 'R' Us because Big Sister wanted to buy herself a birthday present. While Big Sister was looking at the barbie section, I was at the next section where all the Hello Kitty toys are and most of all Sylvanian Families.

I was looking around the sylvanian family play sets, mummy saw a cute little Sylvanian Family Hamburger Wagon set. It took me a long time to think if I will play the Hamburger Wagon set or not. Then finally, I said that I will play the Hamburger Wagon set. It was so expensive, it cost $69.95 . As return for mummy's money, I gave Auntie Diane's money she gave me to buy my own birthday present because she didn't have time to buy the present. I will play the Hamburger Wagon play set forever!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The Hedgehog

When I was putting my pillow the other side, I found my stuff toy Rolly the hedgehog lying on Sateen’s clothes. Suddenly I saw Rolly’s cute little nose, body and her little arms. I quickly showed it to Mummy and I started to like Rolly a lot.

What I like about Rolly are her little arms, little legs and her big brown nose. When I wake up in the morning, I always bring Rolly to Mummy. It’s like I am being controlled by the cute hedgehog. I can tell you Rolly’s nickname. Her nickname is “Hans my hedgehog”. Hans my Hedgehog is a character from a fairy tale. The hedgehog is half human and half hedgehog. Rolly is the cutest stuff toy in the world.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Sense Poem about Japan

I would like to see Mount Fuji
I would like to hear people speaking Japanese
I would like to touch mamegomas
I would like to taste sushi
I would like to smell their delicious cooking
Daddy can we go to Japan?

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Daddy Works (A Senryu poem)

Daddy always works
He works all day and all night
I wish he were home