Tuesday, 17 March 2009

At Chinatown Heritage Center

Me and my sisters and my mummy went to the Chinatown Heritage Center.  When we were in there, I saw some pictures of how samsui women ate food.  When we went further in, I realised that my little sister was scared.  I saw old coffee shops.  When we were at the small cubicle rooms, my mummy said that she likes the cubicle rooms the most.  I was freaked out by the cubicle rooms. When we were looking at some of the rooms, big sister spotted a kitchen.  When we were outside the shop, my mummy saw a group of students heading towards the center!  My mummy says that we are lucky we got out in time.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

The Farmer and the Stock

by Aesop, retold by Shimagoma

There was once a farmer who saw many cranes eating his corn. He went outside and he threw his big net in his field. When he pulled his net, he found several cranes and a stork in his net. The stork begged the farmer to let him go. The stork said, “Please farmer let me go I did not nibble a single corn so please let me go.” The farmer thought and thought and at last he replied, “Don’t care if you did it or not, but you have to die with the others.”