Wednesday, 16 September 2009

About Restaurant city

One day, all the aunties were at my home and were around the computer, they asked me if i had a restaurant city acount, but i said no. Ever since mummy had a restaurant city acount, I was begging her for one and she said yes. I dashed to the computer, went in to my facebook and searched for the game restaurant city. But, when I was about to go play the game, they didn't allow me. I was very upset that I told mummy. Mummy said, "I think It's because It is at the beta stage." Months past and I tried again and again but they still didn't let me in the game.

Then one day, my aunties arrived and saw me on facebook and said," Why don't you try again?" I tried again and suddenly, something happen, I toatally had a restaurant city acount. Then I tried going on pet society and It also worked! I was so happy that when Big Sister came home from tkd training, I told her that I had a restaurant city and pet society acount. Big Sister was so shocked that she immediately went to her facebook acount and the same thing happened!

I played and played for such long hours, that I always forget to learn my dictation and get punished that I can't play for the weekends. So I tried to not play for so long. It is like restaurant city is hypnotizing me to play for long hours.

Friday, 4 September 2009

The Sylvanian Family Play Set

On September 3, 2009, my sisters, mummy and I were at Vivo city. After Big Sister bought Carissa a birthday present, we went to Toys 'R' Us because Big Sister wanted to buy herself a birthday present. While Big Sister was looking at the barbie section, I was at the next section where all the Hello Kitty toys are and most of all Sylvanian Families.

I was looking around the sylvanian family play sets, mummy saw a cute little Sylvanian Family Hamburger Wagon set. It took me a long time to think if I will play the Hamburger Wagon set or not. Then finally, I said that I will play the Hamburger Wagon set. It was so expensive, it cost $69.95 . As return for mummy's money, I gave Auntie Diane's money she gave me to buy my own birthday present because she didn't have time to buy the present. I will play the Hamburger Wagon play set forever!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The Hedgehog

When I was putting my pillow the other side, I found my stuff toy Rolly the hedgehog lying on Sateen’s clothes. Suddenly I saw Rolly’s cute little nose, body and her little arms. I quickly showed it to Mummy and I started to like Rolly a lot.

What I like about Rolly are her little arms, little legs and her big brown nose. When I wake up in the morning, I always bring Rolly to Mummy. It’s like I am being controlled by the cute hedgehog. I can tell you Rolly’s nickname. Her nickname is “Hans my hedgehog”. Hans my Hedgehog is a character from a fairy tale. The hedgehog is half human and half hedgehog. Rolly is the cutest stuff toy in the world.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Sense Poem about Japan

I would like to see Mount Fuji
I would like to hear people speaking Japanese
I would like to touch mamegomas
I would like to taste sushi
I would like to smell their delicious cooking
Daddy can we go to Japan?

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Daddy Works (A Senryu poem)

Daddy always works
He works all day and all night
I wish he were home

Friday, 7 August 2009

Rabbits (A Haiku)

Rabbits are so white
They look smart in their fur coats
And their pink noses

Monday, 27 July 2009

Day and Night (a Diamante Poem)

                          Bright, Noisy
              Working, Playing, Studying
          Time,   7-Eleven,   Rain,   Clouds
             Sleeping, Snoring, Dreaming
                           Dark, Quiet

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Mr. Linden's Library

"Mr. Linden's Library" illustration taken from 
Mysteries of Harris Burdick by Chris Van Allsburg

He had warned her about the book. Now it was too late. Yesterday afternoon, Mia went to Mr. Linden’s Library. When people borrowed Mr. Linden’s library books, Mr. Linden always warned them not to leave the books opened for long or the story will become real and the things will be real!

Mia didn’t know what to borrow so she borrowed a book about forests. When Mia went to borrow the book, Mr. Linden warned her not to leave the book open too long or the story will become real. When Mia was about to reach home she said to herself, “I don’t believe Mr. Linden.”

Then night came but Mia was not sleepy at all so she read her new book for a long time. When she was about to go to sleep, she forgot to close the book! The moon was in the middle of the sky and some creepers started to crawl out of the book.

The next morning she found her bedroom all green! There were trees everywhere and birds built their nests on the branches. Mia picked some flowers to put in her pots in the garden. Her father took a lawn mower to Mia’s bedroom to get rid of the grass and plants. He chopped down the trees for wood. The birds took their eggs and flew out of the window.

After breakfast Mia went to Mr. Linden’s library and said to him, “ Sorry I didn’t believe you.” Mr. Linden said, “That’s alright, you have learned a lesson.”

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

At the Beach

Today my sisters, my mummy and I went to the beach. When we got there, we went to 7 eleven to buy some snacks like Contozs and Cheezels, yummy! We quickly set the mat and snacks. Mummy said to put suntan lotion because it was very hot like a desert. 

My sisters and I grabbed our buckets and spades and to the sand to buid sand castles. Minutes later, i saw my mummy and my elder sister making a tunnel and i thought it would be intresting so I joined in. First we pilled sand like a hill, then we dug a hole in the sand hill and here is the sand tunnel. 

Hours later i saw my sisters playing in the water. While they were splashing ang laughing, I was trying to make a mini sand castle but i couldn't make one so i joined in the fun. 

When time was passing, we girls didn't notice that the waves were getting rough until a big wave pulled one of our mini buckets away. My elder sister was the one that noticed it. My sisters and I was very sad because we had a family of mini buckets. Then to make us happy we made another tunnel but smaller, but it did not work. So sad at losing one of our buckets. When we were just packing, my eldest sister found a perfect stick to write on the sand. She wrote "R.I.P" that means rest in peace. And thats the best day ever, not really because we lost one of our mini buckets.

Watching the mini bucket floating away

Green bucket R.I.P.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

At Chinatown Heritage Center

Me and my sisters and my mummy went to the Chinatown Heritage Center.  When we were in there, I saw some pictures of how samsui women ate food.  When we went further in, I realised that my little sister was scared.  I saw old coffee shops.  When we were at the small cubicle rooms, my mummy said that she likes the cubicle rooms the most.  I was freaked out by the cubicle rooms. When we were looking at some of the rooms, big sister spotted a kitchen.  When we were outside the shop, my mummy saw a group of students heading towards the center!  My mummy says that we are lucky we got out in time.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

The Farmer and the Stock

by Aesop, retold by Shimagoma

There was once a farmer who saw many cranes eating his corn. He went outside and he threw his big net in his field. When he pulled his net, he found several cranes and a stork in his net. The stork begged the farmer to let him go. The stork said, “Please farmer let me go I did not nibble a single corn so please let me go.” The farmer thought and thought and at last he replied, “Don’t care if you did it or not, but you have to die with the others.”

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

The Baby Sitter

English for the Thoughtful Child Lesson 49
Picture Lesson: "The Baby Sitter"

There was once a little girl named Clara. One day she was supposed to take care of her new sister for a few days by herself because her mother was going to sell some things at the market. When her mother went to the market Clara put the baby on a bed and did anything to make it happy. After a few hours she got tired of taking care of the baby and started to knit a little shirt for the baby. When her mother came back with lots of money she saw that Clara was feeding her sister and she said, “What a good sister you are!”

The End

King John and the Abbot

From "Fifty Famous Stories Retold" by James Baldwin, retold by Shimagoma

There was a king called John in England and he was a very bad king because he was mean to his people. There was an abbot who lived very well and King John heard it and wanted to see him.

When the abbot came to the palace, King John asked him three questions. The first question was how long would he live. The second question was how long would he take to ride around the world. And the third question was what was King John thinking.

Then the abbot said, “I think it will take two weeks to figure out these three questions.” So King John said, “Very well then. If you don’t answer my three questions after two weeks, I will have your head chopped off and I will have your land.”

So the abbot went home sadly and went to a university school to ask the professors but they just shook their heads. After a few hours, he went to another university school to ask the teachers but they also just shook their heads. Then the abbot was very sad and went home.

When he was going home, he saw a shepherd. The shepherd said, “What’s wrong my master?” The abbot said, “King John told me to answer these three hard questions which I can’t answer.” Then the shepherd said, “What are the three hard questions? Maybe I can help you.” So the abbot told him the three questions and the shepherd said, “Easy. I know the answers.” The abbot said, “Thank you. Tell me the three answers.”

But the shepherd said that he has to borrow his horse and his coat and his knights to go to King John’s palace to answer the three questions himself. He was trying to disguise as the abbot.

The shepherd disguised as the abbot and went to the palace to answer the three questions. When King John saw the shepherd, he said, “Do you know the three answers?” And the shepherd said, “I know the three answers.”

Then the king said, “Good. How long will I live?” And the shepherd said, “You will live until the day when you die.” Then the king said, “Very good. Let’s pass that question.” The king asked the second question, “How long will I take to make it around the world?” The shepherd said, “You have to rise with the sun and ride with the sun and when you finish riding it is the next day and it takes 24 hours.” The king said, “Very well, let’s pass the question.” He asked the third question to the shepherd, “What am I thinking now?” The shepherd said, “You are thinking that I am the abbot but I am not. I am the shepherd.”

“Good for you. You have answered the three questions.” So the shepherd was happy for his master.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

The Crow and the Pitcher

By Aesop, retold by Shimagoma

One day, a crow was flying around and saw a pitcher. When he flew to the pitcher he knew that inside the pitcher the water was too low for him to reach. Then he looked around and saw some pebbles. He took the pebbles and put them into the pitcher. Suddenly the crow saw that when he put a pebble into the pitcher, the water goes up! So the crow took as many pebbles as he can and put them into the pitcher until the water reached his beak. In the end, he was very tired that he drank the whole pitcher of water.  The End.