Tuesday, 19 May 2009

At the Beach

Today my sisters, my mummy and I went to the beach. When we got there, we went to 7 eleven to buy some snacks like Contozs and Cheezels, yummy! We quickly set the mat and snacks. Mummy said to put suntan lotion because it was very hot like a desert. 

My sisters and I grabbed our buckets and spades and to the sand to buid sand castles. Minutes later, i saw my mummy and my elder sister making a tunnel and i thought it would be intresting so I joined in. First we pilled sand like a hill, then we dug a hole in the sand hill and here is the sand tunnel. 

Hours later i saw my sisters playing in the water. While they were splashing ang laughing, I was trying to make a mini sand castle but i couldn't make one so i joined in the fun. 

When time was passing, we girls didn't notice that the waves were getting rough until a big wave pulled one of our mini buckets away. My elder sister was the one that noticed it. My sisters and I was very sad because we had a family of mini buckets. Then to make us happy we made another tunnel but smaller, but it did not work. So sad at losing one of our buckets. When we were just packing, my eldest sister found a perfect stick to write on the sand. She wrote "R.I.P" that means rest in peace. And thats the best day ever, not really because we lost one of our mini buckets.

Watching the mini bucket floating away

Green bucket R.I.P.