Saturday, 18 December 2010

Fun at Disneysea

Dead flowers, an old black cloak, a purse and a handkerchief spread over a dusty sofa, a broken lift, paintings of Harrison Hightower stealing precious things from around the world such as an Easter Island stone head and sarcophagus from Egypt. I was in the lobby of the creepy Hightower Hotel at Tokyo Disneysea. This ride is the scariest and most popular ride in Disneysea.
Harrison Hightower was an explorer who went around the world stealing artefacts. When he went to Africa, a tribal chief gave him a cursed Idol that was responsible for his disappearance at his hotel. Ever since his disappearance, the hotel has been abandoned for years. And now they are giving tours of the hotel.

We stepped into a lift with seats. As the ride started, they told the story of Harrison Hightower's disappearance. The ride went up and down, up and down until I was going to get sick. When I stepped out of the lift, I shouted out loud, " That was the best ride I've been on!"