Saturday, 25 August 2012


  I started liking anime last year.  I was about to become a P6.  I did not know anime that well as I knew only one anime, Naruto.  But then, my whole life changed when I became a P6.  In my class, there were a small group of girls who loved anime.  They were Iris, Juno and Kathleen.  We started talking and we felt like we knew each other for years! I started to go recess with them.  At the table, I made some new friends who were interested in anime and manga.  But I realized that someone was left out. I had not been spending anytime with my best friend.  I had been hanging out with my anime friends more than her.  I feel very guilty!

    For art class, we were suppose to learn how to draw manga.  I felt so happy when I heard the good news!  When the news was announced, everyone started looking at me.  I knew why they were looking at me as I was known as a manga artist in the class.  The starting of the art class, lots of girls asked me for my help.  Some would ask me to draw the eyes, the body or the hair.  The instructor saw my drawings and saw that I was great at drawing!  So, she told me that I should not help them because they are suppose to draw on their own.  When I am at home, I would draw beautiful manga drawings and post it on Facebook and Instagram to receive some feedback.  I got some likes and comments from my friends and family.  There was one boy whom I knew for a long time who told me I was great at drawing! I felt like I was in heaven! I also show my drawings to my anime friends and they gasped and told me I was great at drawing manga!  I felt so happy! 

Lag Seeing, Niche and Steak

Niche Dingo
  But, anime and manga made me not focus in my studies.  I decided that I should draw and watch anime only at night, after I finished my work.  When I graduate from school, I can focus more on drawing!  I will become a manga artist when I grow up!