Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Mr. Linden's Library

"Mr. Linden's Library" illustration taken from 
Mysteries of Harris Burdick by Chris Van Allsburg

He had warned her about the book. Now it was too late. Yesterday afternoon, Mia went to Mr. Linden’s Library. When people borrowed Mr. Linden’s library books, Mr. Linden always warned them not to leave the books opened for long or the story will become real and the things will be real!

Mia didn’t know what to borrow so she borrowed a book about forests. When Mia went to borrow the book, Mr. Linden warned her not to leave the book open too long or the story will become real. When Mia was about to reach home she said to herself, “I don’t believe Mr. Linden.”

Then night came but Mia was not sleepy at all so she read her new book for a long time. When she was about to go to sleep, she forgot to close the book! The moon was in the middle of the sky and some creepers started to crawl out of the book.

The next morning she found her bedroom all green! There were trees everywhere and birds built their nests on the branches. Mia picked some flowers to put in her pots in the garden. Her father took a lawn mower to Mia’s bedroom to get rid of the grass and plants. He chopped down the trees for wood. The birds took their eggs and flew out of the window.

After breakfast Mia went to Mr. Linden’s library and said to him, “ Sorry I didn’t believe you.” Mr. Linden said, “That’s alright, you have learned a lesson.”

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