Monday, 22 September 2008

Adventure on Pulau Ubin

On a bumboat to Pulau Ubin

Last Saturday, we took a bumboat to Pulau Ubin.  It took a bit long to get there.  Our guide was Uncle Joe.  Uncle Joe said that if we had a question, we could ask him.  

At Pulau Ubin, it was peaceful.  I saw an opera stage.  It was big.  Uncle Joe brought us to a funny-looking house standing above the sea on stilts.  He wanted to let us see the toilet and he said that there was a hole in the toilet.  You squat over the hole and you poo and the poo goes to the sea.  I didn't get to see the toilet because the toilet door was locked.

We went to House No. 1.  It was built by an Englishman 70 years ago.  The house looks cozy if you live in it.  But we couldn't go upstairs.  Now this house is not for living.  It is near the sea shore.

House No.1

Later on, we climbed up a tall tower that felt like a hundred stories high.  I was tired when I got to the top.  From the top, we could see things far away.

After that, we took a walk and we saw lots of stuff like a mud lobster, fiddler crabs, mudskippers and a mermaid fan which is a type of seaweed.  I was excited to see all these creatures.  My favourite was the mud lobster because it likes the shade just like me.

Mud Lobster

Mudskipper on a tree

Later on, we visited a kampung house.  At the kampung house, there were so many dogs that I was frightened.  We saw firewood used for the stove.  There was a parrot that could say "hello" and "goodbye".

Then we had a seafood lunch and after that, we decided to go home.  We took a bumboat back and said goodbye to Uncle Joe.  And that was the end of my adventure on Pulau Ubin.

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